Hydro-seeding is something like spraying a “stew” on prepared soil. Water is the carrier. Fiber mulch is the primary vehicle for delivery, seed, fertilizer, tackifier (a glue for tying mulch and soil together) and other ingredients directly onto the soil surface. The result is ideal for seed germination. With reasonable temperatures and adequate watering, turf can be fully established in two to four weeks at about 1/3 the cost of sod, and without weeds.


Mulch products are usually produced from wood or recycled paper. The Mulch fiber is dyed green so that thickness of the application can be monitored. A very specific fiber texture is important in achieving an erosion resistant product. Mulch applied to the soil reduces moisture evaporation from the soil. Grass seed needs soil moisture to germinate and grow. Once the soil has moisture, mulch helps the seed get all the benefits from the moisture. A good mulch application also provides erosion resistance. Mulch helps hold soil in place and reduces the possibility that seeds will be washed away.


Hydro-seeding offers distinctive advantages:
– Uniform growth with high survival rates
– Rapid erosion control
– Fast green-up
– Precise application in tight areas or quick regeneration of difficult areas such as slopes and ditches

Hydro-seeding Progression

Hydro-Seeding Progression