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Our Services


Soil & Erosion Control

Manufacturing of special mix soils, Erosion control matting, Hydro seeding – Temporary & Permanent Stabilization Silt fence Installation

Hydro-seeding with Profile – FGM – EJ Prescott

All different forms of silt fence installation

Excavating, Drainage, & Final Grading

Experienced, land excavation, drainage installations & final grading of land


 Hydro Seeding

Uniform Growth with high survival rate, Rapid erosion control, and Fast green up, Quick regeneration


Hydro seeding — DOT Highway to Port Authority jobs following soil and seed specifications required.


Retaining Walls, Terraces, Patios, Driveways, Garden Walls, Walkways with accents and edging, Terraces, Staircases


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be constructed of interlocking blocks, boulders, timbers or other materials. The height of the wall and the soil conditions will determine construction requirements and the extent of reinforcement needed. No matter which type of retaining wall your design requires, proper site preparation is essential.  McCarey Landscaping Inc. has experience with all the major manufacturers of retaining wall blocks such as Versa Lok systems, Unilock systems, Redi-Rock retaining walls, Re-con wall systems, Gabion wall systems, architectural gabion walls, deco gabion walls.  When installing any wall system McCarey Landscaping Inc. insures the manufacturer’s specifications are met with every installation.


McCarey Landscaping Inc.  trucks and hauls all kinds of loose materials.  All our drivers are drugs tested and are screened through NYS LENS program for clean CDL licenses.  Also, we employee Teamsters Local 445 for all projects that are prevailing rate or have a PLA

Landscaping Services

McCarey Landscaping Inc. can also provide Landscaping Services from a small scale project to a grand scale projects.

Snow Removal Services

McCarey Landscaping Inc. provides many level of Snow Removal Services from private, commercial, municipal and NYC emergency snow removal services.




Topsoil/ Specialty Soil Screening Operations

What is manufactured topsoil?

Manufactured topsoil can be produced by mixing appropriate mineral and organic materials to create a rooting medium.

Blends can include components such as natural topsoil, sand, overburden, subsoil, green compost and treated biosolids.

Why is topsoil important?

Topsoil provides a seedbed for the germination of seeds (currently an expensive input item) and the establishment of a rooting system for the crop.

It supports a complex community of beneficial micro-organisms playing a vital role in the decomposition of plant residues and the recycling of nutrients.


Lowboy Trailers

What is a lowboy trailer?

A lowboy – also known as a low-bed, low loader, semi-trailer, or double drop – is a type of flatbed trailer that has a well (or middle section) low to the ground.

Because the deck is lower to the ground than other trailers, the driver is able to haul loads that are up to 12 feet high without a special permit. This low height also provides easier access under bridges, low hanging streetlights, or power lines. Lowboy trailers can come in a variety of sizes, although many are 48-53 feet long, and can be hauled using sleeper trucks or daycabs.

What can be loaded onto a lowboy trailer?

In general, the well type and length of lowboy trailers is important for determining what size and kind of equipment can be hauled on it. A lowboy is often used for heavy equipment that cannot fit onto a flatbed trailer or a single-drop deck trailer. Oversized items such as heavy machinery, bulldozers, or industrial equipment can more easily be loaded onto lowboy trailers, because the deck can be lowered to near-ground level.



McCarey’s Eco Dumpsters rents eco-friendly construction dumpsters to businesses and residences alike.

Click here to learn more about our dumpster service!